16 mars 2013

The Killers + Tim Burton #2

Voici la nouvelle collaboration du réalisateur Tim Burton avec The Killers sur le clip de la chanson Here With Me.

Ce clip est un peu plus sombre et triste que le premier mais toujours avec cette touche d'humour noir. Il est aussi très poétique. 

On notera la présence de Wynona Ryder, actrice fétiche de Tim Burton


Wheels are turning
I remember when you were mine
Just to reach you
Baby, I'd stand in line
There's another world
We're living in tonight

There's another heart
That's fading the light

Don't want your picture on my cell phone
I want you here with me
Don't need those memories in my head, no
I want you here with me

Spent the summer just layin' out in the sun
Time seems to move so slowly, when you're taking it as it comes
Maybe we were just too young
Your body was tan and your hair was long
You showed me your smile and my cares were gone
Falling in love filled my soul with fright
You said "come on babe, it'll be alright"
Must have been a fool till the bitter end
Now I hold on to hope that I'll have you back again

I'd bargain and I'd fight
But there's another world you're living in tonight

Don't want your picture on my cell phone
I want you here with me
Don't want your memory in my head no
I want you here with me

I saw you in a restaurant the other day
And instead of walking towards you, I ran away

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